What Are The Processes Related To Company Registration In Ankara, Turkey?

What Are The Processes Related To Company Registration In Ankara, Turkey?

Every entrepreneur knows that starting a business outside of their native country is challenging because of various intricacies. Understanding the country’s tax requirements and the business environment can be daunting for foreign investors. Company registration in Ankara means doing your business at the capital city of Turkey.

Company registration in Turkey is gaining traction thanks to its business-friendly environment. Among all regions, Ankara has emerged as the go-to investment destination for foreign entrepreneurs. The capital city of Turkey, Ankara, offers unique advantages that make it an attractive destination for new investors. Let’s explore the processes related to company registration in Ankara.

The Top Reasons to Set Up Your Company in Ankara

Listed are the top reasons to establish your company in Ankara.

  • The geographical location of Ankara makes it a central hub for commerce and trade in Turkey. By establishing a company in Ankara, you will have easy access to domestic and international markets.
  • Ankara houses numerous industries, including manufacturing and technology, which offers numerous opportunities to expand your business.
  • The availability of a skilled workforce is another reason behind the popularity of Ankara among foreign investors.
  • If your pontetial business has more relation to government, company registration in Ankara can be a better choice for you.

Starting a Business in Turkey – Top Aspects to Know

For foreign entrepreneurs, the terms and conditions of establishing a company in Turkey are the same. Simply put, you will have the same rights as that of local entrepreneurs. Here is the list of popular company types in Turkey.

  • Limited Company
  • Limited Partnership
  • Joint-Stock Company
  • Collective Company
  • Cooperative Company

The Procedure of Company Formation in Ankara

To form a company in Ankara, you must know about the following processes.

  1. Documents Required for Company Registration

You must prepare the following documents to register your business in Ankara.

  • Trade Registry Application Form
  • The Registration Application from the Chamber of Commerce
  • Notarized Circular
  • Articles of Association
  1. Select the Name of Your Company

Select a company name to give your business a unique identity. You can check its availability through the Turkish Trade Registry System.

  1. Open a Bank Account for your Company

To operate in Turkey, you must open a company bank account. Moreover, investors are required to deposit the capital in the local bank account.

  1. Tax Identification Number

Apply for the Tax Identification Number for your company and other stakeholders.

  1. Obtain the Necessary Permits and Licenses

Based on your business type and operations, you might need licenses and permits from the authorities in Ankara.

How to Start Your Business in Ankara?

After opening a company in Turkey, you must start your business. But before starting your business operations, there are a few things to know. For instance, investors have to pay $2000 to pay for registration fees and other expenses to set up the business legally.

Foreign entrepreneurs first need to obtain a visitor’s visa that will allow them to take part in the company registration process. Notarizing the company is also crucial before starting business operations.

Establishing your company in Ankara requires thorough planning and execution. If you have any doubts related to company formation in Ankara, contact FO-Consultancy at the earliest. They are immensely experienced in helping foreign investors form companies in Turkey.