Government Established an Official Portal to Inform the Potential Clients Wish to Purchase a Property from Turkey

In order to inform the foreigner clients accurately, the relevant authority with regard to property purchase in Turkey established a internet platform called “Your Key Turkey

In this platform, statistical data regarding real estate acquisitions in Turkey, information with regard to obtaining Turkish nationality through real estate acquisitions, having an appointment from title deed directorates in Turkey is published.

Briefly the portal aims to inform the investor end to end regarding property acquisition process in Turkey. Since it is a governmental portal, potential investors wish to gain Turkish citizenship trust more compared to other databases.

The portal of property acquisition in Turkey gives service in 4 different languages currently these are; English, Arabic,Turkish and German. In the following days the other popular languages such as Spanish, Russian and French will be active. Iran is leading country apply Turkish Citizenship, also Chinese people show interest to Turkish citizenship through investment, however it seems the portal does not give the service in Chinese and Iranian.

According to the reporters, as a result of the increasing demand of foreigners to real estates in Turkey, the government decided to establish this web portal.  The important information appears on the web portal “Your Key Turkey” are;

  1. Form which gives information about; “Can I Purchase a Real Estate in Turkey?” “Can I acquire Turkish Citizenship
  2. Statistical information on purchase of properties from Turkey by foreigner
  3. The legal and statutory information on purchasing a property from Turkey and acquisition of Turkish Nationality
  4. Makin an appointment with Turkish Real Estate authorities relating to obtaining title deed from Turkey.
  5. You can find the answers about Turkish Citizenship though Investment over the FAQ section.

As you can see Iranian people can purchase property from Turkey and apply Turkish Citizenship

Also,  as can be seen on the screenshot Chinese People can purchase property from Turkey and can apply Turkish Citizenship.

However, for example Syrian people are not eligible for purchasing a property in Turkey, but they can apply Turkish Citizenship through bank deposit method.

Also there are important statictics about the ranking of acquisition of Turkish Citizenship by investment.

Based on the below chart, with 974 person Iran is the first country which its citizens apply Turkish Citizenship by investment. The others are; Iraq 579, Afghanistan 489, Yemen 462, Palestine 272, Jordan 263, Egypt 162, Libya 161, China 97 and Pakistan 91


It seems that portal on acquisition of Turkish property will be a useful tool for the potential clients which are seeking a safe and official information.

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