How to Establish a Company in TurkeyWhy doing business and establishing a company in Turkey has a potential?

Turkey is located between Europe and Asia. As a result of this strategically important location, Turkey has a crucial role in International trade

Besides, Turkey is the member of numerous international organizations. Please see the list of these organizations;  As a result of this memberships, investors feel safer to establish a company in Turkey.

Turkey has more than 82.000.000 population. As the trade center of Turkey, Istanbul has more than 15.000.000 population.

As a result of such a large population, establishing a company in Turkey is a worthy option for entrepreneurs around the world.

Infographic for the Company Establishment Process in Turkey

FAQ on Establishing a Company in Turkey?

1- What are the required documents and information to establish a company in Turkey ?

  • Commercial title of the company
  • Capital of the Company (at least 10.000 TL but not necessary to be paid at the beginning)
  • Company’s central address and rental agreement
  • Company Representative – Manager
  • Photocopies of the IDs of all Partners
  • Certificate of residence of all partners – 2 copies
  • Photos of all the partners in the passport
  • For Foreign real person: notarized passport copies of partners (should be translated officially to Turkish), potential tax number obtained from tax authority or the document that shows the unique identification number
  • Power of attorney for the organization

2- What is the minimum capital for establishing a company in Turkey

It is 10.000-TL. However, it is not necessary to make this payment at the beginning. Because making the commitment to make payment within 2 years is sufficient for establishing a company in Turkey.

3- How long does it take to establish a company in Turkey

It takes approximately 5 days to establish a company in Turkey.

4-Can I establish a company in Turkey in home office or virtual office?

A company can be established in Turkey in the form of a home office or by using virtual office address.

5- Can I establish a company without professional service?

When establishing a company in Turkey , you do not have to work with a financial advisor or a lawyer. However, due to the complexity of the procedures, minor errors during the process may result in more cost and time loss than the service charge you will pay. Briefly, working with a professional help you to avoid unnecessary time and cost losses

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