Iranians Show Great Interest Both Setup a Company in Turkey and Turkish Citizenship by Investment

Based on the recent statistics Germany is first with the 1 Billion 93 Million-TL investment to Turkey, Netherlands is second with 303 Million TL. Interestingly Iran is third with 303 Million TL.

The reason behinds this statistic is as a result of the recent sanctions applied by USA against Iran, Iranians find Turkey as their neighbor and a safe place to invest and live.

Therefore, recently lots of Iranian entrepreneurs’ setup a company in Turkey. Also, increasingly Iranian families move to Turkey by Turkish Citizenship by Investment programs.

Even though Iran is third in a row when the capital of investment is considered, when the statistic “open a company in Turkey” is taken into account, Iran is by far leader. The easy procedures for open a company in Turkey plays an important role on those statistics.

According to the data published by The Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges in Turkey, the number of companies established in Turkey by Iranian shareholders’ in 2018 (the year sanctions started) increased to 1019. In 2017 Iranians had opened 217 company in Turkey.

Iranian entrepreneurs mostly invest in construction, entertainment and food sector in Turkey.

The other reason why Iranian shows interest to setup a business in Turkey is the citizenship opportunities in Turkey. Turkish citizenship by investment program especially the property purchase method currently the most simple option for Iranians to eliminate their barriers. By this program Iranians can open a bank account in Turkey easily after changing their nationality, they can relocate to Turkey where is a neighbor country with similar culture. Additionally, they can add their families to the Turkish Citizenship by Investment program. Furthermore, they can setup their business in Turkey with profitable conditions.


For the investors whom find the 250.000USD threshold high for their budget, they can choose the residence permit in Turkey by purchasing lower amount of properties. By this way they cannot get the benefits of Turkish Citizenship by Investment however they can relocate and open a company in Turkey.

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