Turkish Citizenship by Property Investment

The law on Turkish Citizenship by property investment has been changed. It is easier now...

Turkish Citizenship By Property Investment

Please do not hesitate to ask your questions about Turkish Citizenship, our preliminary consulting is completely free...

Why Turkish Citizenship by Property….?

  • A major gateway between Asia and Europe
  • Economic center for the entrepreneurs around the world
  • The comfortable ecosystem for Moslem people and their families
  • High-quality education opportunities for your children
  • Owns amazing touristic attractions and beaches,
  • Huge rental income for your property investments
  • Being one of the best passports of the World traveling many countries without visa
  • Much easier compared to other alternatives
Steps of Obtaining Turkish Citizenship by Owning a Property in Turkey

Why it is very easy to get Turkish Citizenship by property Investment….?

  • You do not need to leave your own citizenship
  • It takes only 4 months
  • You need to hold the property only for 3 years
  • During this period you can get a huge rental income
  • You can do business in Turkey
  • You can add your family members to Turkish Citizenship by Property Investment Programme

After new law Turkish Citizenship is very easy.Please do not hesitate to ask your questions about Turkish Citizenship, our preliminary consulting is completely free...

Please do not hesitate to ask your questions about Turkish Citizenship, our preliminary consulting is completely free...

FAQ on Turkish Citizenship By PropertyRecently a new law published in Offical Gazette. This law has new regulations on Turkish Citizenship by investment. Accordingly, the required value of the property to get Turkish Citizenship has been decreased. It was 1.000.000-USD before, now it is 250.000-USD.

In order to address the unclear points with this regard, please find below the answers of FAQ.
Could you briefly explain the process of Turkish Citizenship by Property

The Turkish Citizenship by property process begins with the search of the min. 250.000 valued real estate. Upon making decision and the purchase of the property, the legal procedures is initiated. Secondly, the application made to the government authority of land registry. In order to investigate the actual value, this application is sent to the relevant ministry. Thereafter, the Ministry makes a registry in their records that such property is not saleable for 3 years. After that, The Ministry submits the application of Turkish Citizenship Affairs. Final stage, you are invited to have your passport and citizenship

Can my family get Turkish citizenship by property purchase?

Certainly, you, your spouse and all your children under the age of 18 may be Turkish citizens. For further details please review our article on Which Members of My Family Can get Turkish Citizenship by Investment Programmes?.

How the value of my property determined for Turkish Citizenship by investment ?

The value of the property shall be proven by evaluation report. It is also called an expert report. Because, such report shall be issued by the experts accredited by Capital Markets Board of Turkey.

For further detailes please read Expert Reports for Turkish Citizenship

Can I get more than one real estate to reach the 250,000 USD limit?

You can buy more than one real estate with a total value of at least $ 250,000. However, you should apply for all properties at the same time. In other words, the total value of the properties to get citizenship should be more than 250.000-USD

What kind of property should I purhcase for Turkish Citizenship

How should I calculate the USD and TL exchange rates?

According to the law of Turkish Citizenship by property: the exchange rate is calculated at the date of transaction over the Turkish Central Bank sales rates.

How long does it take to get Turkish Citizenship?

The procedure is completed within 3 to 6 months. However, the government has been working to reduce this time. For details please read how long does it take to get Turkish Citizenship.

Can I get a Turkish Citizenship by buying a rent guaranteed property?

Obviously, you can buy any real estate with a total value more than 250.000 USD.

Can I rent out my property purchased for Turkish Citizenship ?

Yes, you can earn good rental income. For details please read our post Renting out a house in Turkey.

I do not have time to come to Turkey. How can I get Turkish citizenship by Property?

If you give power of attorney to a lawyer, you can follow all your processes from start to finish. Please read the article for better understanding, shoud I come to Turkey by citizenship by investment.

How many people can apply for a title deed?

According to the law, only one person and his or her first degree relatives (spouse and children under 18) may take citizenship.

I purchased property in Turkey before. Now can I apply for Turkish citizenship by Property?

The application can be made with real estate purchases and investments after 20.09.2018.

Which nationalities are accepted for the Turkish citizenship by Property?

All citizens who purchase property in Turkey can make this application

Can my child above the age of 18 benefit from the right to citizenship?


Can I get citizenship for my disabled child over 18?

In fact yes. You can obtain citizenship by documenting that your child needs care.

The process of Turkish citizenship by Property investment can take up to 6 months. Can I get a residence permit in this process?

Obviously yes, you and your first degree family are granted a residence permit.

I have more than one wife can I get Turkish Citizenship for both of my wives?

No, under Turkish civil law polygamy is not allowed. Only one wife can get Turkish Citizenship. The others can get a resident permit

Are all properties suitable for programme?

No, there are some restrictions on this. Experts should analyze before the purchase.

Can I get VAT Exemptions When I Purchase a Property for Turkish Citizenship

Yes, you can check the details here

Can Chinese apply for Turkish Citizenship by property investment ?

Yes, please read our article for details Turkish Citizenship for Chinese

If I am not eligible to purchase a property in Turkey can I apply other Turkish Citizenship by investment methods ?

Yes, for example Syrian cannot purchase a property in Turkey. However, they can apply for the other methods for Turkish Citizenship by investment. Such as,  500.000-USD bank deposit.

Can I get benefit from health services after Turkish Citizenship by investment ?

Yes, you can. Please review our post regarding health services in Turkey.

After Turkish Citizenship Acquistion Will I Continue to Pay Tax in My Country of Origin ?

The answer of this question is based on the tax regime of your country. For crypto currency taxes please read our article; Turkish Citizenship Because Of Bitcoin Tax Rates In The USA

Do I Need a Tax Number in Turkey for Turkish Citizenship

You do not need specifically for Turkish Citizenship. However, for numerous operation in Turkey Potential Tax Number is required.

Will Turkish Citizenship by Property Investment Program be Ended Soon ?

There is no law change agenda at the moment. However, we cannot forecast how long the relevant law on Turkish Citizenship by 250.000 USD be in effect.

Do I Need to Come Turkey for the Collection of My Passport

After your Turkish Citizenship by Property Investment application is approved with your approval letter you can collect your passports at Turkish Consulates. However, for this process you need to provide your fingerprints.

What is the difference between residence permit in Turkey and Turkish Citizenship by Property Investment ?

Turkish Citizenship by Property Investment and Residence Permit in Turkey are absolutely two different concepts. Residence permit in Turkey allows you only legally stay in Turkey for a certain period of time. However, Turkish Citizenship by Property Investment will give you an equal opportunites as Turkish Citizens by borne.

Turkish Citizenship by Investment $ 250,000
Process of Turkish Citizenship By Property
Family Turkish Citizenship by Property
Guaranteed Rent for Property to get turkish citizenship

Forget the procedures, focus on your business in Turkey. Because setting up a business in Turkey is easier than you think.  Besides that, if you want to establish a company in Turkey, initial consulting is completely free. Please feel free to ask us.

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