Apostille in Turkey

 In order to open a company in Turkey or acquire Turkish Citizenship by Investment numerous documents we need. The applicants shall either notarize those documents or apostille them. However, many applicants are not familiar to the process. In this post we will deeply analyse apostille in Turkey.

What Is An Apostille?

Apostille is a document approval system that ensures the authenticity of a document and its legal use in another country. Therefore, the document certified by the Apostille is  a valid document in all the member and party states of the Hague Conference.

Is Turkey part of Apostille?

Turkey joined the Hague Apostille Convention on September 29, 1985. Therefore, Turkey is a member of the Hague Apostille Convention which introduces the international legalization system used to validate a document issued by any state parties to the Convention.

Documents Requiring Apostille

  • Obtained from judicial authorities or from relevant officers require an apostille.
  • Issued by notary offices also need an apostille.
  • Directly related with commercial or customs procedures, diplomatic and consular documents are also among the documents requiring an apostille.

Where to get the Apostille Certificate?

A notarized apostille may only be issued in the area where the notary public is located. Additionally, after the sworn translation at the translation office, your document needs to be notarized. Furthermore, the district governor shall apostille the  document should  and taken to the consulate of the relevant country.

Validity Period Of An Apostille

The Hague Arrangement relating to the period of validity of the Apostille does not specify a specific period and each country determine the validity period. On the other hand, an apostille-approved document is valid for six months in some countries, one year in some countries, and indefinitely in some countries.

Apostille in Turkey for Documents Coming From Foreign Countries

Apostille certification can only be made to any document coming from abroad by the relevant institutions in Turkey if the relevant document has already apostilled or it has been legalized by the Turkish Embassy or Consulate of the issuing country. Otherwise, each country has a right to make apostille approvals in a document issued within its own borders. Thus, a document issued in a foreign country has to be apostilled in that country and has to be taken to Turkey as apostille. However, embassies and consulates from certain countries in Turkey may apostille their country’s documents. You can contact the embassy and consulate to ask about such an oportunity. Otherwise, your documents must be sent to the country where your document is issued and it must be apostilled there.


  1. Original bank receipts which are cache and signature for the real estate purchased by the investor.
  2. Biometric photos; (6) photos for the spouse and (2) for each children under the age of 18 years old.
  3. Title deed photocopies of the purchased real estate
  4. Passport photocopies of investor, his/her spouse and children under the age of 18 years old. (these documents will be provided in Turkey and translated in Turkish and certified by notary)
  5. Tax number (will be provided when investor is in Turkey)
  6. If the investors or any family member has a residence permit, photocopy of the residence permit or whoever is the investor in the family their the photocopy of the last entry stamp from passport and visa.
  7. In case the applicant is married, the document which proves family ties of spouse and, if existent, of children
  8. The birth certificate of investor, his/her spouse and children under the age of 18 years old. (the document should be certified by the country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Turkish Conslate or should be apostilled)
  9. If the investor is single a document stating it. The investor shall obtain this from the country of investor. (The document should be certified by the country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Turkish Consulate or should be apostilled)
  10. Example of power of attorney will be provided by our law firm for investor and his/her spouse. However, if the investor and his/her spouse are in Turkey the power of attorney can be made at a notary. On the other hand,  if they are abroad  they can make the power of attorney at the Turkish Consulate in the country they are.



For real person shareholding;

(i) Power of attorney

(ii) Passpport copies .

For legal entitiy shareholding;

(i) Certificate of Activity

(ii) Board of Resolution for Opening a Company in Turkey

(iii) Power of Attornety from the Shareholder Company



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