Buying a Hotel in Turkey


Surrounded by seas on 3 sides, Turkey has hosted many civilizations throughout history. The diversity and taste of food, culture, the fact that it has many opportunities in terms of nature and cultural tourism, has recently started investments by many foreign investors. The state carries out many studies in Istanbul, Antalya, Black Sea and Eastern regions, especially within the scope of increasing tourism in recent years. When we look at it numerically, an average of 50 million tourists come to Turkey annually. It is a very rich country in terms of tourism and this number is increasing every year. Therefore, such features motivates investors for buying a hotel in Turkey.

Restrictions on Buying a Hotel in Turkey

There are some restrictions for foreigners who want to buy a hotel in Turkey. In each district, they can purchase real estate not exceeding 10% of the district’s area. This rate can be doubled with the decision of the ministry. They can buy up to 30 hectares and limited real estate all over Turkey. Again, this rate can be doubled with the decision of the ministry. Apart from these restrictions, security controls are generally carried out.

Gaining Turkish Citizenship Through Buying a Hotel in Turkey

Therefore, foreigners can buy hotels, become partners and invest in Turkey. In addition, if these investments and certain conditions are met, foreigners, their spouses and their children under the age of 18 will also be entitled to become Turkish citizens.

It is possible to become a Turkish citizen by purchasing a hotel in 2 ways.

1- The person determined by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization is entitled to become a Turkish citizen, provided that the immovable with a value of at least 250.000 USD or equivalent in foreign currency or Turkish Lira is not sold in the title deed for three years.. Since the hotel is already in real estate status, citizenship will be gained with the investment made in the determined amount (250,000 dollars). Especially when buying a hotel, the issue to be considered is real estate. In other words, it will not be possible to benefit from this procedure if a hotel is only a shareholder in the profit share.

2- The person determined by the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services to employ at least 50 people is entitled to citizenship. At this point, the person who will buy the hotel will gain citizenship if he employs at least 50 people in the hotel he bought.

As a result, it will be possible to acquire citizenship in Turkey by purchasing a hotel in several different ways. This situation offers many opportunities both as citizenship acquisition and commercial investment. You can take advantage of the opportunity to buy a hotel from this tourism paradise and become a Turkish citizen, especially considering the tax relief and support provided by the Turkish State to foreign investors.

In the process of purchasing a hotel and becoming a Turkish citizen, you can easily continue your transactions by giving a power of attorney to a lawyer registered in Turkey.

Required Procedures for Hotel Ownership in Turkey

In addition to all these processes, if you need to examine the documents required for the purchase and operation of the hotel: First of all, a non-compulsory tourism investment certificate can be obtained. After your hotel investment is completed, you are entitled to SSI premium employer share support and corporate tax exemption, provided that you have at least 40 rooms. Tourism investment certificate also means that your tourism investment is officially known. Therefore, even if a tourism investment certificate is not required to open a hotel, it provides you with some advantages. In the regulation on the certification and qualifications of tourism facilities, tourism investment certificate is explained in article 5, tourism operation certificate in article 6, and the process of obtaining a tourism operation license directly without obtaining a tourism investment certificate is explained in article 7.


Regulations on Tourism Certificate in Turkey

Article 5:

The following documents are submitted to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in tourism investment certificate applications:

  1. a) Trade registration number and tax registration number if the request is made on behalf of a legal person or partnership, and the Republic of Turkey identification number if it is made on behalf of a real person.

Application letter.

  1. b) Location, type and class of investment, capacity, property status and cultural and tourism protection and

A report containing statements about whether it is located in development zones or tourism centers.

  1. c) Signature circular or statement of signature.
  2. d) If the name is registered, the document regarding the registration.
  3. e) If the facility is to be established within a registered cultural property, the relevant document.
  4. f) In case the investment is on public immovables, the letter of conformity of the relevant institution in terms of type, class and capacity.

Tourism business license request

Article 6 –

In case the certified tourism investment is completed and ready for operation, the certificate owner applies to the Ministry with the following documents:

  1. a) Application petition stating the periods when the facility is open and closed for operation.
  2. b) Operating license and work permit.

Direct tourism business license request

Article 7 –

Requests for obtaining a tourism operation license directly without obtaining a tourism investment certificate are made to the Ministry together with the documents specified in Articles 5 and 6.

In addition to the tourism operation certificate obtained from the Ministry, there are a few additional documents to be obtained.

-2 photos

– Copy of identity card and proof of residence

-Criminal record certificate

-Operator identification document

-Signature circular and Trade Registry Gazette

-tax plate

-Firefighter compliance report

-ASAT business license, opinion document, etc.

Approval of the Hotel Operation License by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism is the most important step. The amount to be paid in this application varies according to the capacity of the hotel and how many stars it will be.


In summary, in today’s article, we talked about the necessary documents and procedures for buying a hotel in Turkey, to obtain Turkish citizenship through hotel investment and to operate a hotel. Although some laws and regulations contain the identity information of the Republic of Turkey, there is no problem for foreigners to obtain these documents. Please consult your attorney for any documents related to the required documents and procedures.

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