Company Establishment in Turkey During Covid 19 Period

Covid-19 is absolutely the most important reality of 2020. Similar to other sectors, the company establishment sector has been effected from Covid 19. In this post we will explain company establishment in Turkey during Covid 19 Period.

During the last 8-month period, 63 thousand 309 companies have been established in Turkey. It was noticed that 43 thousand 677 of them corresponding to 69% of the total number established between March-August period when the Covid 19 epidemic was very effective. During this period, the highest number of companies established was in Turkey recorded in July, and the lowest in April. In the January-August period, the number of companies operating in the “mega city” Istanbul increased by 9.1 percent on an annual basis and reached 24.599.

According to the data derived from Trade Registry Gazette and Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB), between January-August period the number of companies established has increased %20,7 on an annual basis. While 52 thousand 474 companies were established in Turkey in the same period of last year, 63 thousand 309 companies have been established in Turkey in the first 8 months of this year. According to the data, though Covid-19 have been affecting the daily life of the people dramatically, the number of companies established in Turkey has not been affected at that scale.

The reason why the number of company establishment in Turkey during Covid 19 Period has not been affected this much is, most probably the simple procedures.

How Foreigner Entrepreneurs are Affected from Covid 19 to Establish a Company in Turkey

As it is explained above with the numbers, company establishment in Turkey have not been affected radically. However, we can not make the same statement for the foreigner entrepreneurs. The reason is that, similar to other countries around the world the international flights to Turkey have been cancelled for a while. Actually, as it is informed in detail with the article should I come to Turkey for company registration it is not required to visit turkey for company establishment in Turkey. Nonetheless, not all investors are aware of this information. Additionally, still majority of the entrepreneurs prefer to physically visit Turkey in order to follow-up company establishment in Turkey process.

What Will be Next After Covid 19 for Company Establishment in Turkey

The international flights have been started to Turkey. Therefore, the number of foreigner applicants increasing wishing to establish a company in Turkey. As can be followed, Turkey managed the covid 19 epidemic quite successfully compared to other countries around the world. Both in terms of health and economy, Turkey has been affected from Covid 19 at minimum level. Therefore, it can be said that Turkey is a safe and profitable environment for new investors. Company establishment in Turkey is a quite simple process as long as followed by an expert consultant. If you have suspended your plans to invest in Turkey due to covid 19, we will be very happy tou assist you. Such assistance can be made remotely by using the online meeting technologies.

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