Due Diligence In Turkey: Overview And Benefits


With its open and friendly foreign investment policies, company registration in Turkey remains one of the most hassle-free procedures. This is why many businesses are showing interest in Turkey of late.  Sometimes the entrepreneurs go a little ahead of just registering a company in Turkey: they opt for mergers or acquisitions. For this option, procedures of due diligence in Turkey seems very crucial.

Now, any variety of business mergers and acquisitions requires a thorough background check of the company with which another enterprise is getting amalgamated. The company taking another company over invests a lot of money for the deal. Therefore, a vigilant step will only ensure future security and success of the merger/acquisition in the long run.

Here comes the concept of Due Diligence. Alternatively, this means digging up a detailed report of the company which is getting acquired or merged. Due Diligence helps in proper decision making and hence, most businesses, foreign to the land of Turkey, find this process useful in making their investment ventures immune to whimsical decisions.

After opening a company in Turkey, if you feel like expanding your reach through mergers and acquisitions, let due diligence keep your path safeguarded. Here are a few factors that substantiate the importance of due diligence on firm grounds.

Ownership & Administration

Before investing in a company, get to know who used to run it and how. Due diligence informs an aspiring business of everything about another business’s ups and downs. This can help you pick the company in which you should invest your hard-earned money.


Due diligence also helps to understand how much of the existing size of the business really makes sense in the market. All big-sized companies might not be optimally operating in the market. Some lack diversification and some updated technology applications. These companies, regardless of their considerable size, remain poor choices for future investments.

Balance Sheet

Another critical factor to check before merging with or acquiring another company remains to check its balance sheets. An in-depth knowledge of the financial status of the company with which you are going to toe your company’s financial fate remains indispensable. Due Diligence helps understand the financial strength/weaknesses of a company. Alongside this, it also helps comprehend the company’s debt-to-equity ratio.

Revenues, Profit Margins and More

Due diligence in Turkey also helps understand a company’s profit trends and latest revenue earnings. This could be an effective yardstick for measuring the enterprise’s capacity to emerge as an effective investment choice in the long run.

Legal Problems and Tax

Several companies remain involved in multiple corporate legal hassles. This can be a source of financial drain and other problems for the new company intending to take it over. This is when Due Diligence helps. This process helps figure out existing legal problems and if the enterprise has any taxes due.

At the web site of Ministry of Treasury and Finance you can find very useful information on the tax related questions.

Capital History and Probabilities

Before investing in any company, it is necessary to check if it has been there in the market for a long time or a few years only. A vigilant reputation check is also a must. When you associate your brand name with another business, it is necessary to gauge the latter’s reputation so that yours does not get maligned.

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