How To Set Up an E-commerce Company in Turkey and Further


E-Commerce in Turkey- The Guide for Sellers

With its technology focused feature Turkey is very attractive for the e-commerce entrepreneurs.  Besides, E-Commerce in Turkey developing day by day in relation to development of the e-commerce platforms.

We can classify the E-Commerce in Turkey under 2 heading from seller perspective.

  • Using existing E-Commerce Platforms (Market Places in Turkey)
  • Opening an E-Commerce company in Turkey

In this article we will cover both options comprehensively

What Are The Biggest E-Commerce Platforms in Turkey As of August 2023

Trendyol, is number 1 e-commerce platform (marketplace) in Turkey. comes second and is third. The global giant Amazon with comes after as fourth.


Did you know that Trendyol’s online shopping journey started with 40 people in 2010? Today, Trendyol, which has received investments from many foreign companies, continues its adventure as one of Turkey’s most successful enterprises. Bringing products together with buyers and sellers in different categories, Trendyol also offers many opportunities for e-commerce entrepreneurs. Now, Alibaba Group owns majority of the Trendyol shares was initially an online marketplace focused on selling and purchasing real estate and vehicles. Later, the platform improved itself and added different categories. Located among the most clicked and preferred online marketplaces in Turkey, has been serving since 1999. The most important advantage that offers to users is that membership and advertising services are free.


Hepsiburada is one of the marketplaces in Turkey that developed and popularized the concept of online shopping in Turkey. Platform, which has been serving since 1998, was chosen as the most popular brand between 2011 and 2013 and the best e-commerce company in 2013. Today, we see Hepsiburada as one of the e-commerce sites that has the biggest share of the cake in Turkey. The platform, which professionally brings together products in different categories with buyers and sellers from all over the world, is among the first choices of customers.

We assume all the readers of this post aware of Amazon. is the subsidiary of in Turkey. You can find more information about the platform on our earlier article Amazon Turkey (Turkey Amazon)

Can I Be a Seller in Turkish E-Commerce Platforms

The answer to this question is directly related to the policies of the relevant e-commerce platforms. However, in general the answer is yes. You may need opening a company in Turkey to be a seller in those platforms. Besides, you shall adapt the refund and commission policies of such platforms. Furthermore, research the delivery fees of the relevant marketplaces in Turkey.

So how to set up an e-commerce company in Turkey?

The pre-condition of this is actually not different from the other types of companies in Turkey. Therefore, please check our website for set up a company in Turkey. Since according to Turkish law, entrepreneurs who want to perform e-commerce activities inTurkey and make online sales to Turkish people need to be taxpayers in order to receive payment and issue invoices. However on the other hand, you can set up your web site before you start commercial activities in Turkey.

You can use this company to be a seller in famous marketplaces in Turkey or you can open your own e-commerce web site.

Doing E-Commerce in Turkey at own Website of the Company

In order to exist in internet environment, as you know you first need to get a name that is registered on your website. Although you can rent a domain name on the Internet for the most part of the year, it is also possible to obtain a longer-term domain.

Another requirement is hosting of all the videos, images and content on your e-commerce site in Turkey. This is called “web hosting.. In summary; Before you start e-commerce, you must first register a domain name and then purchase a web hosting service for that domain. Such part is very well known.

Deciding Payment Options

It is very important to clarify the payment options you prefer to use on your e-commerce in Turket before you start your commercial activities. If you are planning to use wire transfer opening a bank account in Turkey is essential . Additionally, the security infrastructure of your web site should fulfil the criteria requested by bank.

Also alternatively you can integrate accredited payment systems to your platform.

If you have further questions about set up an e-commerce business in Turkey please consult us.

Do I Need Any Kind of License for Doing E-Commerce in Turkey

Electronic Commerce Information System (ETBİS) is a platform that aims to record e-commerce transactions in internet shopping, collect e-commerce data and produce correct e-commerce policies.

Service providers and intermediary service providers who enable contracts or orders for the sale of goods or services in Turkey shall register ETBİS before starting their activities.


Additionally, some types of products may require further licenses. Such as cosmetics and medical devices. Therefore, we suggest you obtain legal consulting in Turkey before entering e-commerce sector in Turkey.

Identifying Products to Sell

Deciding which products to sell on your e-commerce site is an issue you should have set when establishing an e-commerce company. If you are a physical store owner in Turkey, your e-commerce site will possibly reflect your physical store.

However, if you are an entrepreneur who will take a new step in e-commerce, you can identify the products you will sell before your site serves. You must also clarify where to supply those products.

In addition, when deciding about suppliers in Turkey it is crucial to make sure that they have expertise about e-commerce.

More importantly some of your products such as cosmetics, toys, food etc. may subject to further licenses in Turkey. Therefore please research those before starting e-commerce in Turkey.

Building a Solid Infrastructure

One of the most important issues to be considered while answering the question how to establish an e-commerce company in Turkey is provide a robust and flawless e-commerce infrastructure. If you’re just getting started with e-commerce, it may not be easy to decide on all the important features that should be included on an e-commerce site.


E-Commerce in Turkey is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs.  However, apart from doing new business in a foreign country e-commerce in Turkey has some further nuances. In order to get ultimate benefit from this opportunity we advise deep research before taking action.