How To Establish A Logistic Company In Turkey

One of the most developing sectors in Turkey recent years is the logistics sector. Thinking of establish a company in Turkey in and starting a business in this promising industry can be very good option for you.

Logistics companies are companies that store and ship products from other businesses.  They can specialize in the export and import of goods as well as land transport. Since Turkey is a bridge between Asian and Europe and its covered by sea, beside it has one of the biggest airports in the world, establishing a company in Turkey in logistics sector will be very profitable.

Whether through ship, truck or air transport, successful logistics company’s objective is the transfer of the goods from one country to another.  Since business registration in Turkey in Logistic sector is very profitable, the required investment is profitable as well. When the world map opened and the neighbors of Turkey are considered, its not difficult to discover the profitability of the logistic company in Turkey.

Gain experience and reliability in the industry before establishing a logistic company in Turkey.

It is very important to gain experience by working in another logistics company before establishing your own logistics company in Turkey. This experience will help you understand all the details about the business. In addition, working in the industry will help you build networks. If you plan to establish a company in Turkey, you may already have some networks in Turkey. Secondly, when you start your own business, these networks in Turkey in logistic sector can be your customers in Turkey. Achieving credibility in the logistics industry in Turkey is critical at the outset because customers need to make sure that you store and ship their products neatly and effectively and trust you.

Establish a Company in Turkey Relevant to Your Experience

In one of the articles published by Businessweek, owner of AerOceaNetwork logistics firm, Gary Dale Cearley, advises entrepreneurs to establish a company related to their business relations and know-how in one corner of the market. For example, if all your connections or business experiences are based on an industry, reach customers in this industry. If your connections or knowledge are related to a certain region of the world, open a company to export in this region.

If you have connections in Turkey and if you have an experience in logistics sector,  company registration in Turkey in logistic sector can be very good option for you.

Provide resources

Establishing a logistics company in Turkey is among the large capital jobs. The official first step to founding a logistics company will be to find capital. To achieve this, you should prepare a business plan and persuade investors in line with the plan you prepared. Use all your connections in the logistics industry that would like to provide resources. Commercial banks are one of the potential sources to provide initial capital.

Provide Equipment for your Logistic Company in Turkey

After completing the necessary capital to set up your logistics company in Turkey, you will need to purchase loading equipment and vehicles to move large-scale loads on aircraft, ships and trucks. Since it will be very costly to purchase these equipment, we recommend that you rent your equipment until your business begins to profit.


Obtain the license and permits required to establish a logistics company in Turkey

When entering the logistics sector, you must first obtain a certificate of authorization from the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication. You can find the required conditions to get these documents at You can learn the required documents and document fees online for the applications. You also need a professional qualification certificate. Carefully review road transport activities professional qualification training regulations. Authorization online procedures have started via e-government.

We can be happy to assist you for establishing a company in Turkey.

Opening a Freight Forwarding Company in Turkey

The official name of freight forwarding business in Turkey is organization of transportation works. Due to the strategic importance of Turkey’s geographical location, since the country is a bridge between both Europe and Asia many foreign entrepreneurs are planning to establish a freight forwarding company in Turkey. Additionally, as a result of Turkey’s strong and effective ports, the business people give more importance on freight forwarding in Turkey.  However, they do not have enough knowledge about this business.  Generally, freight forwarding companies act as an intermediary between logistic companies and the deliverer. Freight  forwarding business was not subject to any  license in Turkey until a short time ago.

Moreover, unfortunately, many domestic and foreign companies or real persons still carry out the freight forwarding business without a license although it is a requirement.

The entrepreneurs planning to do freight forwarding business in Turkey, shall consider that doing this business without license may cause certain penalties. If you want to do freight forwarding business in Turkey, our advice to you is to do a research in detail, get information from experts about how to establish a company, and consult about whether the business you are going to do is subject to a license.

It is important to know first whether your activity is shipping agency or freight forwarding. Deciding on this will show you which law and license you will be subject to in Turkey. If your business is organization of transportation works or freight forwarding with its global name, a relevant license with this regard should be researched. Ministry of Transport in Turkey in Turkey issue this license.

With a law enacted in 2019, this type of license has become mandatory for companies or natural persons who are the organizers of transportation works. Natural persons must be Turkish citizens. Legal entities can make this application with a company registered in the Trade Registry in Turkey. There is no restriction on the shareholding structure or shareholder nationality at the moment.

The company that will make this application does not need to have a warehouse or other forms of depots. In addition, a criterion regarding the employee personnel has not been determined yet. The company must have a capital of three hundred thousand Turkish Lira. Persons who will be managers in companies, should not have a legal obstacle. In addition, it is obligatory to pay the document fee to the relevant public authority in both new applications and renewals.

The explanations in this post contain general information about freight forwarding, known as organization of transportation works in Turkey. Apart from this, the relevant legislation and licenses are different regarding other branches of the logistics sector and agencies. Therefore, we suggest you contact us about your plans, please contact us via whatsapp or e-mail.


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