Many people around the world wish to get second passport. This can be either personal or commercial reasons. Some people face some barriers due to their nationality and second passport is a good option to eliminate those barriers.  Turkish Citizenship by investment is one of the best options to reach this goal. When its planned to get Turkish Citizenship, the second question came up to mind is it easy to get Turkish Citizenship by investment?

In the article 23 countries where money can buy you a second passport or ‘elite residency’ at the information given for 23 different countries where the second passport can be obtained. It can be said that, Turkey is one of the most economic and the simple method to get citizenship. Additionally, the benefits of Turkish Citizenship by investment is better compared to alternatives.

There are 6 different methods to obtain Turkish Citizenship by investment, however two of them are relatively more attractive.

1- 250.000 USD property investment

2-500.000-USD bank deposit?

In each case the investment amount cannot be withdrawn for 3 years.

What Makes it Better Turkish Citizenship by Investment Programme Compared to Other Alternatives ?

  • Turkish Citizenship by Investment Programme is very economic.
  • The application will be resulted with in 4 months which is very fast compared to other alternatives
  • The family members can be added without any further cost
  • The success rate of the programme is very high with almost %100. So far none of our applications have been rejected.
  • The withdraw period for the investment is very short as 3 months
  • After you make the application to the programme you can get rental income from your property
  • If you choose the bank deposit method you can get interest from the invested amount
  • Until you obtain your passport you can legally stay in turkey with the investor residence permit
  • The consulting fees for Turkish Citizenship is quite low compared to other alternatives around the world
  • You do not need to come to Turkey for the application of the programme the procedures can be completed through Turkish Consulate around the world.
  • The documents are simple for the application to the programme

Which Documents Are Required for Turkish Citizenship by Investment Programme?

In our video which documents do I need for Turkish Citizenship you can find the answer of the questions.  The document collection part of the process is very simple as well. This is also an important element for the question of is it easy to get Turkish Citizenship by investment. We can classify the documents of Turkish Citizenship programme into 3 sections;

-The documents related investor

-The documents related to property

-The documents related to application

The client of the programme is only responsible for the collection of documents related to investor. The other documents are generated by the property developer and Turkish Citizenship Lawyer. Since the order and the accuracy of the documents are very important its crucial to get the assistance of an experienced Turkish citizenship lawyer.

In conclusion, Turkish Citizenship by Investment is very easy compared to other alternatives, however, the consulting of an experiences lawyer is vital.




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