Notaries in Turkey

In Turkey if you are going to make an official transaction through a document, such document should be notarized. Therefore, foreigners whom have plans in Turkey require at least basic level of information about Notaries in Turkey. In this post we will analayse this subject.

For official information about the notaries you can visit the website of association of notaries.

Introduction to Notaries in Turkey

Are you planning to buy property or open a business in Turkey? Then understanding the role of notaries is essential. Notaries play a crucial role in Turkey’s legal system, handling important documents, contracts, and certifications. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through everything you need to know about notaries in Turkey.

From understanding the functions and responsibilities of notaries to the processes involved in notarizing documents, we’ll provide you with clear and concise information. We’ll also explore the different types of documents that require notarization and the benefits of using a notary service.

Whether you’re a Turkish citizen or a foreigner conducting business in Turkey, having a solid understanding of notary services will help you navigate the legal landscape with confidence. Stay tuned for expert insights and practical tips to ensure a smooth notarization process. Let’s dive in and discover the essential guide to notaries in Turkey.

What Does Notary Mean in Turkey?

We can define notary;  as persons who embody the transactions with documents and make them conform to the law in order to ensure legal security and prevent disputes. It is a profession that is important in terms of formalizing the transactions and regulating legal relations. Those who work in a notary public are considered self-employed, although they do not have the status of civil servants. Clerks and servants are subject to labor law .

What Does a Notary Do? What are their Duties and Responsibilities of Notaries in Turkey ?

Notaries bind the transactions between legal and real persons to a legal basis and formalize the documents. We can define the scope of duty of the notary public profession as follows:

  • To regulate all transactions ordered by law or whose authorities are not specified, in accordance with the provisions of the law,
  • Preparing real estate or vehicle sales promise contract,
  • Approving the documents issued by other institutions with certification processes. Such as seals and signatures,
  • Producin the original or samples of any legal transaction,
  • To send protests, notices and warnings,
  • To certify written documents translated from one language to another.

 What does notarization mean?

Notarization of a document, that is, notarization; When you request your translated documents as officially approved by the authority to which you will give them, the notary public’s approval is the process of approval.

Required Notarized Documents for Company Formation in Turkey

Company formation in Turkey requires certain documents. The investors shall notarize such documents. The first option is notaries in Turkey. On the other hand, Turkish consulates can notarize the documents. Additionally, for specific countries apostile is an option. For legal entity shareholders the required documents are as follows;

-Certificate of activity

-Board of Resolution

-Power of Attorney

Additionaly, the passport copies of the representatives requires notarization.

Required Notarized Documents for Turkish Citizenship by in Turkey

  1. Original bank receipts which are cache and signature for the real estate purchased by the ınvestor.
  2. (8) 50×60 cm biometric photos  for investor, (6) photos for the wife and (2) for each children under the age of 18 years old.
  3. Title deed photocopies of the real estate
  4. Passport photocopies of investor, wife and children under the age of 18 years old.
  5. Investor potential tax number
  1. When the investor is married, a document stating that the investor is married from the country of passport which used to buy the real state or from the consulate of that country. ( ıf the document is issued ın the notary by declaration procedure, this document is not accepted).
  2. The birth certificate of investor, wife and children under the age of 18 years old. These birth certificates must be from the passport of the investor or from the country of birth.
  3. If the investor is single, a document stating the status. The investor shall obtain this document from his country.
  4. If the investor is divorced stating a document proving it.
  5. if the investors spouse has deceased whom investor has children from deceased spouse, document needed proving it.
  6. If the investor divorced and has children from spouse, consent letter is needed from the divorced spouse. Also,we require document shows the custody of the children
  7. Power of Attorney

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