As a result of its geographical location, Turkey has lands both in Europe and Asia. Additionally, Turkey is   very close to Africa. This position gives a significant economic importance to Turkey. Consequently, Turkey can easily establish business relationship with Asian countries, European Countries and African countries. Moreover, Turkey is a trade centre surrounded by the sea. Those situations make Turkey very important for opening an export company in Turkey.

Turkey has a border with eight countries with different political, economic and cultural structures (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Georgia, Greece, Iran, Iraq, and Syria). Road transport and trade through customs gates to these countries are of great importance for both Turkish and world economy.

Turkey is located very close to important energy resources. Middles east oil and Central Asia natural gas resources of the world are very close to Turkey. Those resources are transported through the energy lines based in Turkey and this increases the economic importance of Turkey as well.

Therefore, Turkey is considered as a hub point for the export-important trading in the world. Due to the above economic characteristics of Turkey, many entrepreneurs around the world wish to open a company in Turkey and do export-import trading. However, they have the question in their mind that, how can I open an export-import trading company in Turkey.

There are 3 basic steps for opening an export company in Turkey which can do export from Turkey.

  1. Opening a Company in Turkey
  2. Membership to the Exporters Association of Turkey
  3. Authorization of Customs Broker in Turkey

Step 1- Open A Company In Turkey;

This step is explained at in detail. Please contact us if the information on open a company in Turkey is not sufficient.

Step 2- Membership To The Exporters’ Association In Turkey:

There are 61 Exporters’ Association in Turkey under the 13 General Secretariat, in order to do export trading from Turkey, you have to at first open a company in Turkey as defined in Step 1 and secondly you should be the member of one of those 61 exporters’ association in Turkey. The 13 General Secretariat is classified geographically and 61 exporters’ association under General Secretariats are classified based on the sector. Please find below the list of 13 General Secretariats of the Exporters’ Association in Turkey and we will be happy to find you the most suitable Exporters’ Association;


  • Aegean Exporters’ Associations
  • West Mediterranean Exporters’ Association
  • Black Sea Exporters’ Associations
  • Central Anatolian Exporter Associations
  • Denizli Exporters’ Association
  • Eastern Anatolian Exporters Association
  • Eastern Blacksea Exporters Association
  • Istanbul Exporters’ Association
  • Istanbul Minerals and Metals Exporters’ Association
  • Istanbul Textile and Apparel Exporters’ Associations
  • Mediterranean Exporter Associations
  • Southeast Anatolia Exporters Associations
  • Uludağ Exporters’ Association

Step 3- Authorization Of Customs Broker In Turkey;

The Customs Broker is the person authorized to follow up and finalize the customs procedures through an indirect representation.  Since the export regulations in Turkey can be complicated it is important to have an agreement with a well-known customs broker in Turkey. Customs broker makes customs declaration within the framework of this authority and delivers the goods to foreign trade connoisseurs. Indirect representative means that the Customs Broker performs customs transactions on his own behalf and on behalf of the exporter. The customs broker who carries out transactions on its own behalf shall bear the responsibility of the legal consequences arising from these transactions.

As it is explained in the introduction Turkey has a great potential for export trading. In order to get benefit from this potential, the preliminary works for export from Turkey is essential. We will be happy to assist you on the procedures of  opening an export company in Turkey while you focus on your trade.

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