Potential Tax Number in Turkey


Potential tax number in  Turkey offers many opportunities for foreigners who are not Turkish citizens. For example, they can establish a company without being a citizen, join the company as a shareholder or take part in the Board of Directors. However, it is obligatory to obtain a potential tax number in Turkey for foreign partners and foreigners in the board of directors in this company. A potential tax number is required to open a bank account to which the capital of the above-mentioned company will be deposited. Addionally, foreigner legal entities will need this unique number during their some legal operations in Turkey. Such as, opening a bank account or being a shareholder of a company. Brifler, for company formation in Turkey process potential tax number is essential

How can I Obtain Potential Tax Number in Turkey

Potential Tax Identification Number for Foreigners is obtained online using the interactive tax office without going to the tax office. Alternatively, a foreigner can obtain the potential tax number in Turkey by visiting the nearest tax office. Moreover, through a power of attornet it can be obtained by someone else.

Steps to Obtain a Potential Identity Number for Foreigners

1) Enter the web portal

2) Click on the Potential Tax Identification Number link for foreigners.

3) Fill in the form on the screen. This form contains information such as your foreign identity information (parent name, gender, date of birth), your telephone number and the code of the country you are a citizen of, and information such as your residence address in Turkey. necessary to reach you. In addition, your passport number, issue date and validity period are requested from your passport information. Only with this information can you get your potential citizenship number.

4) Include a photo of the picture page of your passport. (max.1MB)

5) Press the “OK” button.

Your potential Tax Identity Number is under the line with your name on the page that opens.

Acquisition of Potential Tax Number Through Tax Office

Although all the information was entered correctly during the online application, the system may not generate the number. In that case, it is advised to visit the tax office or ask professional support.

Potential tax numbers are not given from the tax office, especially during the pandemic period, and online transactions are directed. In the process of obtaining a potential tax number, a potential tax number can be obtained easily through a proxy. In this regard, if you provide the attorney with the power of attorney and the necessary information, all transactions will be handled through the attorney. If the potential tax number in Turkey is not obtained, it will not be possible to perform numerous avtivities in Turkey. There will be obstacles at many points. Therefore, obtaining the potential tax number is of great importance.

Finally, after your potential tax number in Turkey is given, you can use your the number from that moment on. There is no need to renew this number and you can use it for further operations. However, if you obtain citizenship and if you establish the company you will get permanent tax number.

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