Rental Guaranteed Property in Turkey


Majority of the investors of Turkish Citizenship are not planning to relocate in Turkey. Since their main objective is Turkish Citizenship. Therefore, they prefer rental guaranteed property in Turkey. However, not all of the projects provide such guarantee. The properties can be profitable, it might be easy to find tenant but “guarantee” is different concept. On the other hand, some project provides such guarantee, besides they are suitable for Turkish Citizenship.

Some global and reputable hotel management companies invest in Turkey. Additionally, they offer Turkish Citizenship by investment through rental guaranteed property in Turkey. In such model, developers provide up to 10% return annually. In addition, thanks to the Turkish Citizenship by Investment regulation, the investors may acquire citizenship along with their families. Besides, the investors can use such residences within designated periods in each calendar year. Such options are quite appropriate for the investors whom have business connections with Turkey. Those kinds of projects are generally located in central areas and attractive concept.

How Much Rental Income I can Get from the Properties in Turkey?

The answer of this question is not clear, if the property is not rental guaranteed. As you can see at the introduction, we have explained concept of rental guaranteed property in Turkey. On the other hand the investors can choose the residential units and commercial units.  Each alternative has advantages and disadvantages. The commercial units can be rented on higher rental value. However, sometimes it is not easy to find a reputable and corporate tenant. Besides, the purchase value of the commercial units are more expensive. Additionally, the commercial units are subject to higher VAT. For more information please read VAT exemption when purchasing a property for Turkish Citizenship.

On the other hand, residential units can be an option. Firstly, the prices of residential units are relatively more economic. Besides, residential properties are easy to rent. However, in such case finding a reliable tenant is also not guaranteed. Also, as a foreigner sometimes it is not easy to follow up the disputes. Such as, if a tenant has difficulty to make the payment, a local person can easily solve the problem. However, a foreigner abroad may not deal with this efficiently.

Which Property is Suitable for Which Profile ?

The selection of the type of property is related with the goal and profile of the investor. Such as, if the investor has higher budget, a commercial unit in one of the big malls can be a good option. In this case when the investor signs a rental agreement with a reputable company such will be a very profitable investment. On the other hand, if the investor has a lower budged and does not wish to relocate Turkey, rental guaranteed property in Turkey will be the best option. The investor may wish to obtain Turkish Citizenship and after the 3 years  period desire to have good profit. In such case, a property in prosing location should be considered. Finally, investor may wish to live in Turkey as a family. So, the number of family members and their requirements will become important.

When selecting a property several conditions are very important; (i) does it match the requirement of the investor (ii) is it profitable (iii) legally appropriate for the citizenship.

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