Which Members of My Family Can Be Added to the Turkish Citizenship By Investment Programme ?

According to the relevant law regulating the acquisition of Turkish Citizenship through investment only the children below 18 years old and the spouse (wife or husband depending on the applicant status) can be added to the program.

However, we receive numerous questions asking whether an applicant may add their parents to the programme of Turkish Citizenship through investment. Before answering this its better to make clear who are eligible in detail by giving examples.


For example, Mr. Ibrahim has 2 wives  Sahar and Fatima which is allowed under Saudi Arabia civil code however not allowed under Turkish law. Mr. Ibrahim also have 4 children with the ages of Ahmed 7,  Zeynep 16, Muhammed 17 (3 months left for 18)  and Hassan 25 years old. Mr Ibrahim’s parents are alive as well, Mrs. Ayshe and Mr. Mahmoud.

Based on the above example;

Wives: Both Sahar and Fatima can be added to the Turkish Citizenship Programme, however since under Turkish Civil code polygamy is not allowed for one of the wives the spouse status should be cancelled legally.

Children: The children below 18 years old are eligible to the Turkish Citizenship Programme. Therefore, Ahmed 7 years old and Zeynep 16 years old can be added to the Turkish Citizenship programme successfully. Even though he is 17 years old the application of Muhammed can be rejected. Since, according to the law, the date of the approval of the application is considered for determining the 18 years old threshold. The duration between the application and the approval is 4-5 months and during this period he will be over 18 years old and no longer will be eligible for Turkish Citizenship program. 25 years old Hassan is not eligible for the Turkish Citizenship programme.

Parents: Only the spouses and children below 18 years old are eligible for the programme. Therefore, mother Mrs. Ayshe and Father Mr. Mahmoud cannot be added to Turkish Citizenship Programme.

How Can I Add My Parents for Turkish Citizenship Programme

As it is explained above over an example the parents and the children over 18 years old are not eligible for Turkish Citizenship by Investment Preprogramme. However, this situation causes problems for the applicants whom live together with their parents and children over 18 years old.

The option for this group of people will be application to Turkish Residency programme by using the property of the main applicant. Through this way all family member can be settled in Turkey legally.

Briefly as of 2024 parent lineage cannot be added to Turkish Citizenship programme, however wife and children can.

Please consult us for further information about your application.

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