500.000 USD Bank Deposit for Turkish Citizenship

As it is well known and explained earlier with numerous articles the law on Turkish Citizenship by Investment changed on September 2018. After the new law, there are several methods created to obtain Turkish Citizenship. The most popular one is Turkish Citizenship by 250.000 USD. The reason behind this popularity is the massive advertisements of the real estate companies in Turkey. However, on the other hand there is one more method which attracts lots of attention. 500.000 USD Bank Deposit for Turkish Citizenship.

In this article we will analyze this method for Turkish Citizenship Acquisition more deeply.

What are the Advantages of 500.000 USD Bank Deposit for Turkish Citizenship Method ?

It is relatively second most popular method for Turkish Citizenship by Investment after property. If there was an advertisement on this method, such order could change. The reason behind this popularity is,

  • Turkish banking system is reputable.
  • Internet banking facilities in Turkey is very developed compared to other countries
  • The interest rates are high in Turkey
  • This method is smoother compared to other options
  • 000 USD Bank Deposit for Turkish Citizenship can be interchangeable for other currencies. Such as EURO and Turkish Lira
  • The investors feel safer in this method. Since in citizenship acquisition through property the investors have difficulty when selecting the right property.
  • After the investment period of 3 years, the investor can directly withdraw the amount.

The only disadvantage of this method is the investment amount is relatively higher compared to property method.

Which Steps Should be Taken For Turkish Citizenship Through Bank Deposit Method ?

We can classify the steps into 2 sections;

  • The steps for the investment
  • The steps for the application

The steps for the investment;

  • The required amount for Citizenship through bank deposit is 500.000 USD
  • The same amount can be deposited through other currencies such as EURO or Turkish Lira
  • The amount should be deposited to one of the Turkish Banks
  • The Bank should obtain conformity document from the banking authority
  • The deposited amount shall not be withdrawn for 3 years

The steps for application ?

The application steps for all types of Turkish Citizenship by Investment applications are the same. Please review the post for the required documents for Turkish Citizenship application. After the collection of the such documents, the application can be made with a legal consultant to citizenship office in Turkey.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Process ?

Even though the process of Turkish Citizenship is more simple compared to other citizenship options, there are some inquires from the clients about the process.

You can find the answer of the majority of the questions at our web page for Turkish Citizenship and our blog post.

However, the investors may have specific questions for  500.000 USD Bank Deposit for Turkish Citizenship. The web page of supreme banking authority of Turkey (Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency) gathered the frequently asked questions and answers of the process.

If you have further queries regarding the process please consult us [email protected]


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