Are There Any Schools in Turkey for Foreigners?

One of the main questions asked by the investors wish to obtain Turkish Citizenship is the education system in Turkey. Because, some of the investors wish to relocate Turkey with their families. On the other hand, one group of investors do not plan to move Turkey. The first group frequently ask the question “Are there any schools in Turkey for Foreigners. Therefore, in this article we plan to give basic information with regard to Turkish Education System. The purpose of the post is to provide the options to investors planning to obtain Turkish Citizenship by Investment.

Types of Schools in Turkey

In this article we will focus only primary schools. Since, the regime for the universities are regulated by separate administrative body. Besides, the university students are generally over 18 years old and therefore cannot be added to Turkish Citizenship by Investment program.

We can classify the primary schools in Turkey to three different status. Firstly the governmental schools, secondly private schools and thirdly international schools. The first two of them are governed by Ministry of Education. However, the international schools are not under the regulation of Ministry Education. Therefore, they do not follow the curriculum of Ministry of Education.

Government Schools in Turkey

In Turkey the primary education is free. Therefore, as parents you do not need to pay any tuition fee for the education of your children. Since, after the acquisition of Turkish citizenship both you and your children become Turkish Citizen you can get benefit from this option. However, the most important point in this option is language. The education language in Turkish Governmental Schools is Turkish language. Hence, if your first language is not Turkish your children will have problem to communicate with teachers and friends. Therefore, we do not advise governmental schools for the families who cannot speak Turkish language.

Private Schools in Turkey

Apart from government schools there are private schools in Turkey as well. You need to pay certain tuition fee to register your children to those schools. Similar to governmental schools the private schools follow the curriculum of Ministry of Education. On the other hand, the facilities of private schools are relatively better compared to governmental schools. Such as, they teach English language or another foreign language. They have additionally courses for sport and art activities. Furthermore, they have better decoration for the requirements of the children. Despite of the those benefits similar to governmental schools the main language in private schools are still Turkish. Besides, the students are Turkish by born. Although their education level is quite high, you and your children will still have the problems due to language. As a result of this, though it is relatively better option compared to governmental school, we believe it is not the best option for the families whom Turkish is their second citizenship.

International Schools

Similar to private schools you have to pay certain tuition fees for international schools. However, different from the other options those schools do not follow the curriculum of Ministry Education. On the other hand, they generally follow the global curriculum. The most important feature of this option is, the students of those schools are mainly foreigners. Therefore, the languages for education in those schools are generally English. There are some schools specially for specific nationalities, such as British School. Also some others are open for all international students. Their education level and facilities are quite well.  Accordingly, their tuition fees are a bit higher than private schools but not more than their global equivalents.


In conclusion, along with the above options international schools seems the most appropriate options for the families whom wish to relocate Turkey after obtaining citizenship. However, we should evaluate each case separetely. In this post wee seek the answer of Are “There Any Schools in Turkey for Foreigners?” For further questions please reach us

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