Afghanistan and Turkey has deep rooted relationships coming from history. The bilateral relations became stronger as a result of the personal friendship between Mustafa Kemal Ataturk and Gazi Amanullah Khan, the founding leaders of the two countries. Therefore, after the new law published on Turkish Citizenship by Investment, one of the most frequently asked question is Can Afghanis Get Turkish Citizenship?

The brief and the clear answer to this question is “yes”. Afghanis can get Turkish citizenship by investment without any obstacle. Even according to the statistics publish by the official web site of Turkish government Afghanistan is second in a raw for the applications.

There are numerous reasons for the high level of interest of Afghanis on Turkish Citizenship by investment.

1- Turkey is a great environment for Muslim families.

2- Turkey has a strong economy

3- The health system of Turkey is better than many developed counties

4- The location of Turkey is strategically important for international trade

5- Turkish Citizens can visit many countries visa free also very easy visa options some others

6- Turkish Citizenship process is easier and more economic compared to other citizenship options

7- The success rate of Turkish Citizenship applications is almost %100

8- During the non-withdrawal period, the investor can earn high amount of interest

How can Afghanis can get Turkish Citizenship by Investment?

According to the law there are six different methods for the acquisition of Turkish Citizenship by Investment. These are as follows;

1- Minimum 500.000 USD fixed capital investment

2-Minimum 250.000 USD property purchase

3- Creating an employment with minimum 50 people

4- Minimum 500.000 USD Bank deposit in one of the Turkish banks

5- Purchase of minimum 500.000 USD government bonds

6- Purchase of minimum 500-000 USD real estate investment fund share

Even though there are 6 different methods for the acquisition of Turkish Citizenship by investment the most popular option is number 2 which is property investment. The reason behind this popularity is that the strengths of the real estate sector in Turkey. Additionally, such option is relatively more economic compared to other options. Moreover, the investors either can earn good rental income from the property or live in such property with their families.

What Should Afghanis Do to Get Turkish Citizenship by Investment?

At first one of the options defined above should be determined. If the property purchase option is selected the below steps should be taken;

1- The right property should be selected by the investor;

By “right property for Turkish Citizenship” concept we understand both commercially and legally right choice. From commercial perspective, the property purchased for Turkish Citizenship should be profitable and should met the expectations of the client. From legal perspective the property should be suitable for the acquisition of Turkish Citizenship according to the relevant laws. Therefore, it is advised to seek the advice of a reliable expert while selecting the “right property”

2- The collection of the documents for the application of Turkish Citizenship

There are certain conditions for the application of Turkish Citizenship. Some conditions are related to the property the others are related with the applicant. The applicant in order to illustrate his/her situation against those conditions shall prepare the required documents. The documents are one of the most crucial aspect of the process. Therefore, it is strongly advised to seek the consultancy of an expert whom has legal background and specialized on Turkish Citizenship law.  The general idea regarding the documents can be found below.

Which documents do I need for Turkish Citizenship applications video ?

Which documents do I need for Turkish Citizenship application blog post

In conclusion for the question of Can Afghanis Get Turkish Citizenship? The answer is clearly yes. For the Afghanis who are planning to obtain dual citizenship, Turkey is one of the best options. In order to complete the citizenship acquisition process successfully it is strongly advised to seek professional consultancy.


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