Dual Turkish Citizenship for Pakistanis

As it is explained in earlier posts after new law published Turkish Citizenship became very popular around the world. Pakistan and Turkey have a unique relationship compared to other countries. Those two community consider themselves as “brothers” due to the strong alliances coming from history. Therefore, dual Turkish Citizenship for Pakistanis is much more important compared to other alternatives.

As it is known, dual citizenship is not allowed in Pakistan except the countries listed at the link. As you can see Turkey is not at the list. However, Turkey and Pakistan authorities started to negotiate the dual citizenship agreement between two countries. In the near future we strongly believe that such agreement will be concluded between the countries.

How Can a Pakistani be a Turkish Citizen?

As can be seen in earlier articles there are several methods to obtain Turkish Citizenship by Investment.

These are;

1- Creating minimum 50 people employment

2-Minimum 500.000 USD or equivalent currency bank deposit

3- Minimum 500.000 USD fixed capital investment

4-Minimum 250.000 USD real estate investment

5-Minimum 500.000 USD government bond investment

6- Minimum 500.000 USD real estate investment fund

Although there are 6 options number 4 “minimum 250.000 real estate investment” is by far more popular.

The reason is,

  • it is relatively more economic compared to other options,
  • the real estate sector in Turkey is quite strong and your property will make good profit
  • you can make good rental profit from the property

Which Steps Should I Take to Obtain Turkish Citizenship?

The first step is to find a property which will be suitable for Turkish Citizenship. In Turkey there are numerous reliable real estate agencies also you may prefer to directly contact the sales offices of the project.  It can be said that the most crucial part of the process is finding the right property. Even though, it is not always easy to find the right property for local people, it is more difficult for foreigners. Seemingly good project may not worth the offered price due to its location. Seemingly not good condition property may be very profitable because of its other features. Since it is an “investment” based program, it is essential to be careful before making the investment.

What Should I do After Making Decision on Property?

Since such property will be purchased for Turkish Citizenship purpose, the property should be suitable for the citizenship.  It should be more than 250.000 USD, such condition shall be proven with real expert reports, the other conditions of the property should be reviewed from the “Turkish Citizenship Availability” perspective. It is recommended to seek professional support for that phase. Otherwise, after making big amount of investment your property may not be suitable for the Turkish Citizenship.


Which Documents Do I need as Pakistani for Turkish Citizenship?

In our earlier posts and videos, the documents required for Turkish Citizenship by Investment applications are explained in detail.

Which Documents Do I need for Turkish Citizenship Application

Which Documents Do I need for the Turkish citizenship application by investment

However, the applicants looking for dual Turkish citizenship for Pakistanis they have advantage in terms of document collection. If an applicant has a family certificate this will be sufficient as the birth certificate of the other members.



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