Gaining Turkish Citizenship by Investment by Company  Formation


The acquisition of Turkish citizenship is possible in 4 ways in total. Acquiring in general ways, gaining in exceptional ways, regaining Turkish citizenship and obtaining citizenship by marriage. Today, we will explain one of the methods of obtaining Turkish citizenship through exceptional means, by creating employment for 50 people or by investing in fixed capital.  One of the most common ways; Gaining Turkish Citizenship by Investment by Company  Formation

 Gaining Turkish Citizenship by Investment by Company  Formation

Foreign nationals can open companies of different sizes in many fields in Turkey. Citizenship can be acquired by establishing a company employing 50 people in Turkey or by investing USD 500,000 in fixed capital in a company in Turkey.

The Conditions of Turkish Citizenship by Investment by Company Formation in Turkey

1-) In order to gain citizenship by investing in the company, an investment of at least 500,000 USD must be made, but this investment must be approved by the Ministry of Industry and Technology. In this case, citizenship can also be acquired by increasing the capital investment made in the company with which it was a partner.

2-) It is also possible to obtain citizenship with a company established to create employment for at least 50 people. The number of employees in the company to be established in this way will be determined by the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services. It must then be approved by the relevant ministry. In both ways mentioned above, the relevant ministries can establish commissions to follow the process. Spouses and children under the age of 18 of foreigners who want to acquire citizenship in these two ways will also gain citizenship. The Republic of Turkey offers many opportunities to foreigners who want to acquire citizenship by establishing a company. For example, joint stock or limited companies to be opened in Turkey will be able to benefit from tax reductions and incentives. At this point, it will be beneficial not only in terms of citizenship, but also in terms of business and trade. The company to be opened in Turkey can be opened in any city of the country. There are no restrictions at this point.

Summarry of Turkish Citizenship by Employment

To summarize the citizenship process. First of all, in accordance with Article 20 of the Regulation on the Implementation of the Turkish Citizenship Law (the two ways listed above are included in this article), a road application must be made and a certificate of conformity must be obtained from the relevant institution. A certificate of conformity must be obtained from the Ministry of Industry and Technology for fixed capital investment, and from the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services to employ 50 people. Afterwards, a short-term residence permit must be obtained and a citizenship application must be made. Then, for the foreigner who wishes to acquire Turkish citizenship exceptionally, a file consisting of the following documents is prepared by the application authorities upon the written instruction of the Ministry.

  1. a) Petition form stating the request.
  2. b) Passport or similar document showing which state the person is a citizen of, and whether it is possible to obtain the relevant document if he is stateless.
  3. c) Marital status document and marriage certificate if married, divorce certificate if divorced, death certificate if widowed.
  4. d) A copy of the birth certificate or identity card showing the identity of the person, a birth certificate or similar document proving the family ties of the spouse and children if married.
  5. d) If Turkish citizens have first or second degree relatives, a copy of the population registration to be taken from the system by the application authorities of these people.
  6. e) If the person’s date of birth does not have the month and day, the document obtained from the competent authorities of the country to complete the date of birth, and if the document cannot be obtained, the signed declaration of acceptance, taking action in accordance with Article 39 of the Population Services Law No. 5490.
  7. f) A receipt showing that the service fee has been paid to the Finance cashier.

The completed file is sent to the Ministry for decision. Citizenship status will be determined after the decision of the Ministry.

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