Virtual Office in Turkey and Other Alternatives for Opening a Company

Introduction for Virtual Office Options in Turkey in 2023

In today’s ever-evolving business landscape, virtual office solutions have emerged as a game-changer for companies in Turkey. With the rise in remote workforces, the advantages of adopting virtual office solutions are undeniable. This article explores how virtual office solutions in Turkey are empowering companies to overcome the challenges of traditional office setups and leverage the benefits of remote work.

Virtual offices provide businesses with a range of benefits, including cost savings, flexibility, and increased productivity. By eliminating the need for a physical office space, companies can significantly reduce their overhead expenses. Additionally, virtual office solutions offer flexibility for employees to work from anywhere, accommodating their individual needs and improving work-life balance. This flexibility also enables companies to tap into a broader talent pool, as geographic location is no longer a limitation.

Moreover, virtual office solutions enhance productivity by providing access to advanced communication tools and collaborative platforms. Teams can seamlessly connect, collaborate, and share information, fostering a more efficient workflow. With real-time communication and file sharing capabilities, projects can be completed faster and with greater accuracy.

In conclusion, virtual office solutions empower businesses in Turkey by providing cost-effective, flexible, and productive alternatives to traditional office setups. By embracing this trend, companies

As it is explained in earlier articles international entrepreneurs show great interest on opening a company in Turkey. The required procedures are explained in our main page in detail. One of the main pre-conditions for company registration in Turkey is having a valid legal address (virtual office in Turkey or any other address).

Such address either be a virtual office, home-office, physical office or shop. The relevant address is declared during the registration process and to be inspected by tax officer after the registration.

In Turkey there are reputable virtual office providers giving service with reasonable prices based on the requirement of the clients.


Types of the Services Given by Virtual Office Providers in Turkey

  • Legal address in Turkey: In such category the virtual office provider offers only an address to be used by the company shareholder. The price of such service is relatively economic compared to other offered packages. In such service the company shareholder will fulfils the registration criteria, plus on their website or business card they will have right to use reputable address. Some virtual office providers offers free of charge collection service, but some of them charge extra fee.
  • Ready Office Service: Such service is quite popular for opening a company in Turkey as well. The provider offers an office with all equipment, utilities, tea-coffe with a certain amount of seat. The fee of this service seemingly expensive however it is all included in a central location. In such type of package the room is dedicated to a client no one can use it even when it is vacant. The clients whom do not want to deal with renting and furnishing may choose ready offices in Turkey.
  • Meeting Rooms: Some company shareholders do not require an office for their business however they may need meeting rooms. Therefore the providers offer such service on an hourly fee basis.

Virtual Office in Istanbul

In this article, we considered t to open a separate heading  for virtual office in Istanbul. Since, Istanbul is the first choice of many entrepreneurs. Even though Istanbul is not the capital of Turkey, it can be said to be the center of business life. For this reason, Istanbul can be said to be the first choice for investors whose main purpose is trade or who have business that can only be carried out from the office.

Additionally, if the issue is a virtual office, it may be a better choice to open this virtual office in Istanbul. As prestige is also an important element in company addresses. Having a company’s address in Istanbul prestigous. Because, Istanbul is better known by foreigners and the business world compared to other cities in Turkey.

Another advantage of a virtual office in Istanbul is that Istanbul is a port city and the importance of maritime trade in the world.
For the above mentioned reasons, if you are not considering a physical office, establishing a virtual office in Istanbul may be the right choice. Many foreign investors already prefer this method. If you want to use your virtual office only as a legal address, we offer you the most advantageous offer in the best locations. Our virtual office fee in Istanbul is only 220 EUR for a year.

Is Home Office Possible for Opening a Company in Turkey?

As it is explained earlier the requirement element for company registration in Turkey is having a legal address. Therefore, if the characteristic of the business does not require otherwise home office is possible in Turkey. However, some types of businesses for example restaurants require further licenses from the competent authorities in such case “home office in Turkey” will not be applicable.

The entrepreneurs who work online may show interest in home-office option. Besides, it will be an important cost saving opportunity for the beginning of the business.

Physical Office Options in Turkey Before Establishing a Company

In Turkey real estate is a locomotive sector and real estate investments are very profitable. Therefore numerous entrepreneurs purchase an office for their business both for business and investment purposes. Additionally, making such investment gives an opportunity for “Turkish Citizenship by Property Purchase”. In such case an entrepreneur kills two birds with one  stone. The investor will have an office for this business and at the same time the citizenship of Turkey where the business will be conducted will be obtained.

If the budget of the investor is not sufficient for purchasing an office, rental office can be an option. The location, size and the condition of the office is critical. Therefore, working with a real estate professional when selecting an office may minimize the risk of the investor.


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