Majority of the investors for Turkish Citizenship by Property Investment planning to rent out their house. During renting  out a house in Turkey process, it may not always be possible to quickly find suitable tenants and complete all transactions. At this point, many different problems may be encountered. You can take precautions against possible problems by learning the things to be aware of before renting out your house in Turkey.

Firstly, in order to seek legal rights in possible problems, every transaction must be documented. The remaining highlights are:

What Should Be Considered During Renting Out A House in Turkey?

There are 4 main issues to be considered while renting out the house in Turkey:

Real estate agent,

Rental price,

Rental agreement


Think Professional in Property Promotion in Turkey

The more professional you are in promoting your home, the more potential tenants you will

attract. You can get professional help from real estate consultants to rent your home. Working

with real estate agents is one of the ways for tenants and landlords to speed up

transactions. Since, real estate consultants offer support at many points, from communicating

with potential tenants to showing the house.

Determine Realistic Amount of Deposit and Rental Cost

Determining the rental price is an important point among the things to be considered while renting out a house in Turkey. If you do not determine the rent and deposit amount realistically, you may not be able to find the right tenant and this may cause your house to be empty.

You can search the rental house prices in the surrounding area to determine the rental price of your house in a realistic way.  Sahibinden is one of the most popular portal for this purpose. You can also issue an appraisal report to determine the value of your home.

Include Every Detail in the Lease Agreement

In the resolution of disputes between you and the tenant, the articles in the lease contract are used. For this reason, every detail should be included during the preparation of the rental contract. While preparing a lease, remember that you are subject to certain laws and have certain rights in accordance with the Code of Obligations.

Know Your Tenant Closely When Renting Out a House in Turkey

If you are going to renting out your house in Turkey, it is useful to know your tenant. At this point, there is a very fine line between being involved in his life and getting to know him closely. Therefore as a host, you should pay attention to this issue.

You may want to consider about learning your tenants monthly documentable income. As a land lord you must receive a monthly rent payments and you cannot impose any penalties for delayed rent. You can seek your rights legally and file an eviction case, but that means a long process.

There should be no uncertainty about how many people will live in the dwelling. At this point, it is an important detail to find out whether the tenant is married and has children. The landlord has responsibilities to other occupants in the building.

Another point to take into account during the rental of the house is to require subscriptions on behalf of the tenant. In this way, you will take precautions against situations such as non-payment of invoices.

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