As it is explained in earlier articles after the new law published Turkish Citizenship by Investment became very popular around the world. Especially during the pandemic period, the question of “should I come to Turkey for Turkish Citizenship by Investment?” frequently asked. The answer of this question is simply yes, however in this article we will analyze this answer in detail.

With regard to subject question we can classify Turkish Citizenship by Investment Program into 4 sections;

1- The purchase of property for Turkish Citizenship by Investment

2- The document preparation for Turkish Citizenship by Investment

3- The application for Turkish Citizenship by Investment

4- The collection of Turkish Passport after the approval of the application.

Should I come to Turkey for the Purchase of Property for Turkish Citizenship by Investment

It is the most crucial question to be answered for this article. The answer is simply “yes” however, some procedures required to be completed. Additionally, the buyers generally wish to physically see the property which they are planning to invest for Turkish Citizenship. On the other hand, especially during the pandemic period the online applications are frequently used to show the property to clients. If the client accepts to purchase the property for Turkish Citizenship by investment, it legally possible to process the process.

The relevant law regarding Turkish Citizenship by investment states that, “the fee for the property to be purchased for Turkish Citizenship should paid by buyer to seller”. Additionally, such payments must be proven through bank receipts. However, if a buyer grants a power of attorney to an attorney, the transaction can be fulfilled on client’s behalf. The clauses in the power of attorney is crucial therefore it is strongly advised to consult an expert before granting power of attorney.

Should I Come to Turkey to Collect the Documents for Turkish Citizenship by Investment

The required documents for Turkish Citizenship by investment is explained in earlier articles. Some of those documents are obtained by the client, some of them are in relation to property and finally some others are generated in Turkey. For the subject of this article, the documents should be obtained by the client is crucial. Such documents are;

1-  The birth certificate of the investor and family members

2-The marital status certificate of the investor

3- Power of Attorney for Turkish Citizenship by Investment

4-Biometric Photos for the family members

Please be aware that such documents are not the only required documents, however, these are the documents required to be collected by the client. Additionally,  the birth certificate and marital status certificate at first should be attested by foreign affairs ministry of the country of origin and secondly should be attested by Turkish Consulate. The power of attorney should be issued by Turkish Consulate as well.

As long as such documents are collected by the client and send to an attorney in Turkey the process can be followed without the physical presence of the client.

The Application for Turkish Citizenship by Investment

If a sufficient power of attorney granted to an attorney in Turkey, the application for citizenship can be made without the physical presence of the client.  However, the content of power of attorney is quite crucial, therefore please consult an expert lawyer in advance.

The collection of Turkish Passport After the Approval of the Application

It can be said that, the process of Turkish Citizenship by Investment is completed when the client received Turkish Passport. The new passports have microchips and requires fingerprint. Such situation must  be analyzed in relation to subject question “should I come to Turkey for Turkish Citizenship by Investment?” If the client does not have a chance to visit Turkey for Turkish Passport Collection, Turkish Consulates around the world is authorized to get the fingerprint for the investor. In such case, the investor should apply to Turkish Consulate with the approval letter of his/her Turkish Citizenship by Investment application.

In conclusion, Turkish Citizenship by Investment process can be completed without the presence of the investor. However, there are crucial points in terms of documentation affecting the process. Therefore, it is strongly advised to seek the assistance of a legal expert.

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