Turkish Citizenship for Chinese

Since September 2018 the demand from China has increased for Turkish Citizenship by investment. Because, the Chinese community observed that Turkey is the best option. According to the official statistics the property purchase of the Chinese especially increased in 2020. Therefore, we intended to inform our valuable clients as the article Turkish Citizenship for Chinese.

Why Turkish Citizenship is the Best Optionfor Chinese ?

According to the official data the Chinese were not at the top for purchasing a property in Turkey. However, after the new law, the market became very attractive for Chinese investors. Because, in China immigration is a very important sector and Turkey opened the doors to Chinese community wide.

The reasons behind this simplicity are as follows;

  • Turkish Citizenship for Chinese is the most economic option.
  • Turkey is a good trade partner with China.
  • Turkish community love Chinese Community
  • The process for Turkish Citizenship is very short
  • The rental income of the properties are very profitable.
  • The duration for investment period is very short.

What Are The Conditions for Chinese to Obtain Turkish Citizenship

The criteria for obtaining Turkish Citizenship is the same for all nationalities. Therefore, there is no difference for Chinese people.

The main conditions for the Turkish Passport is as follows;

  • The property investment for 250.000 USD
  • Only the investor, wife and children below 18 are eligible
  • The property cannot be sold for 3 years
  • The required documents should be provided by the investor.

As the investors can observe, the above conditions for Turkish Citizenship by investment is very simple. Additionally, one of the most important part for investors are the required documents.

Which Documents Needed for Turkish Citizenship

As it is specified earlier, Turkish Citizenship is very simple for Chinese people. So, in terms of simplicity the required documents are very important. Compared to other alternatives around the world Turkish Citizenship is very easy in terms of documents. There are various documents are required for the process. However, the investors are require to collect only few documents. However, we strongly recommend showing those documents to an expert. Since the notarization and accuracy of those documents are crucial.

  • Birth Certificate
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Passport

The relevant consulatant may generate all other documents. However, to do this the investor should provide power of attorney.

In this article we provided brief information for Turkish Citizenship for Chinese. On the other hand, this is not the only option to invest in Turkey. Also, Chinese people show great interest to do business in Turkey.

We give Company formation in Turkey  by Chinese and opening bank account services as well.  Turkey and China are working closely to enlarge the business volume. Therefore, in this process Turkish Citizenship for Chinese and company formation plays an important role.  However, foreigners may find those processes complicated . As a result of our extensive experiences with Chinese clients we trust the service level of our office. Please do not hesitate to reach us with regard to your inquires in Turkey. Please be aware that our preliminary consulting is completely free.

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